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How can I request a refund?

A full refund of the Course fee will be processed if you request cancellation of registration with our Student Support team through the cancellation form 24 hours after the release of the first class/lesson of your Course.

If you decide to request for cancellation and refund after the 24 hours of the release of the first class or after attending a few classes, you’ll receive the amount remaining back, minus the classes that you’ve already attended.

Questions? Feel free to contact us at


What are the requirements for Google Classroom?

For details on setting up your Google Classroom account, please go here.


What content will be used in the course?

All courses have theory and practice materials that will be used in conjunction with instructions from your professor. Course content can include websites, recommended books, Apps or others. You’ll be able to access course resources in the Material section in your Classroom.

How long will course contents be available to me?

Many learning materials will be available to download throughout the duration of the course. After the course is completed, you'll have access to the content for up to 3 months after the course is completed.


What should I do to prepare for my first class?

Your 'welcome' email will contain steps to prepare for your first class. We recommend you to read it carefully before the course starts.


What should I do if I have technical problems?

Your classroom will have a section for you to request technical support.

If you can’t access your course classroom, please contact us with your support request.

Can my professor help me with enrollment, technical, or payment related issues?

Professors are only for language related questions.

If you have questions about enrollment, technical support, or payment related issues, please contact our support team instead.

How long will it take to receive an answer to my support request?

You can expect to hear from us within one business day; though on average we are able to respond within about eight hours.

Video Conference

What software is required for the course?

All courses are supported using Google Classroom suite and classes conducted via Google Meet. Please read carefully the Wellcome email and install required tools/app on your computer or mobile prior to your first class.

We recommend working from a computer in a quiet place for best experience.

How do I use Meet?

Please go here for tutorials about Google Meet.

What can I do to ensure the best possible experience with my classes?

We recommend:

- Joining the call a few minutes prior to class start so that you can check your camera and audio (speaker, microphone, and headphones).
- Sit close to the camera, avoid bright lights behind you, and mute your mic when you’re not speaking.
- During class, be sure to stay active. Articulate your words clearly and pay attention to both your professor and your peers.

- Read the tips and recommendations sent via our Welcome email.

Need more support?

Let us know what else we can do for you.


Thank you! We'll get back to you ASAP.